What to Wear? Tips on Party Dressing

Been invited to a party but not sure what to wear? Not sure what are the Dress Codes?  Ask yourself if you want to be the ‘it’ girl at the party or simply blend in with the crowd? Check out these rules, and perhaps break some old ones…

ModnLife Store Blog - What to Wear?  Tips on Party Dressing - Party Dress


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Where is the Party?

Read the invitation (card, email or announced through social media). If it’s a card, see if it’s handwritten, special-printed, custom-made or simply churned out of the computer. This will tell the style and the amount of effort that has been put into this event. Try to follow these dress code and if in doubt, contact the host to clarify and don’t forgot to RSVP.

What to wear to the Party?

Do not wear anything too short, too sexy or too transparent, especially if it is an office party. Wear your clothes confidently, and don’t let your clothes wear you.   Big, bold and bright accessories add to the shine and glamour but bear in mind, keep to only one brilliant item at a time…. You don’t want to look like a walking Christmas tree with all it’s flashy blings.

ModnLife Store Blog - What to Wear?  Tips on Party Dressing - Party Dress


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     **         The Fancy Do

    This is likely to be a black tie affair or a ball and is definitely a formal event. There is no need to join the funeral procession and wear black. Try wearing cranberry red, icy blue or regal purple will look great, too.

    If you cannot afford a new dress, settle for a long, black velvet skirt. This can be matched with an elegant top that is sequinned or has some detailing. Up your style by accessorising with bold, dangly earrings.

    **         The Office Bash

    This is the time of the year when everyone goes a little crazy, even your mousy office clerk. Take advantage of it and let down your hair. Nobody likes a party pooper. Try not to wear an outfit that you would normally wear to work.

    **         The Dinner Party

    This is when there would be a lot of mixing and mingling. Your clothes will tell others about your attitude and your values. So what you wear is important because first impressions matter. Try wearing something unique as you would want to be noticed and not fade into the woodwork.

    **         Outdoor BBQ

    Sexy-sporty style works best for this occasion. Footnote: your stiletto heels will sink into the grass, making each step difficult (and a missed step can be very embarrassing). Wearing fancy mules, slippers and trainers would be more sensible.

    Braid up your hair or twist it up, French style or even ponytails help keep you looking cool and staying cool.


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    About The Author

    By Kitty Sani Barrett, principal consultant & trainer at ImageXchange.  Kit believes that taking care of our personal image can help us look our best, long after we’ve passed 50!  Read more of her blog and article at:  ImageXchange International