AirPod Case Covers - flaunt your personality

If you're an ardent supporter of Apple, then AirPods are no stranger to you.

Released end 2016, AirPods are bluetooth earbuds and Apple's most popular accessory with over 35 million units sold in 2018!

So, now that you are a proud owner of these cute AirPods, why not show a little bit more style and personality by giving the AirPod charger case a protective cover.

Specially for animal lovers, the silicon covers come in a variety animal cartoon designs to choose from. 

ModnLife Store - AirPod Case Cover Cute Animal Designs

If you're a quietly-sophisticated person, then you would certainly appreciate a cover with a luxury leather finish.

ModnLife Store - AirPod Case Cover in Luxury Leather Finish

For the trendy ones, you might want to get one of these covers in smooth marble finish.

ModnLife Store - AirPod Case Cover in Stylish Marble Finish

And don't forget to get a special gift for that special someone, or have a personalised one for yourself.  You can have a customised case cover with your name (or provide an image file) to be printed on it.

ModnLife Store - AirPod Case Cover - personalised with name logo image custom print

What's more, worldwide shipping is FREE with no minimum order needed!  So order one, two or three today!

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