5 Easy Steps to create ‘Zen’ in our Homes and our Lives

Life these days is full of ‘noise’ – the daily hum-drums, the stress at work as well as social and relationship pressures.  Sometimes, there is nowhere to run to except to find some peace of mind at home.  Therefore, it is important that we create our own safe and calming space in our homes – for tranquillity and relaxation. 

In home styling, Zen principles are increasingly being used to achieve that.  Zen first originated from Sanskrit (‘dhayana’ - meditation) to Chinese (‘chan’ - quietude) to Japanese (‘zen’ - meditation).  It’s been described in many ways but in essence, it’s about being in a state of calm and peace.

So, let’s try bringing some tranquillity and relaxation into our life creating our very own ‘zen’ space in the comfort of our own home.  Here are five simple tips that you can follow:


5 Easy Steps to Have ‘Zen’ in our Homes and our Lives - declutter

1. Less is More

The keyword here is ‘simplicity’.  Minimise the clutter in our lives – limit the number of ornaments and decoration items on display around our home.  Resist the need to buy and spend our money on unnecessary knick-knacks, ornaments or trinkets that would end up collecting dust without adding beauty and harmony in our living spaces.  Decluttering is the first thing we can do to improve our home without having to spend a cent.

2. Natural Light, Earthy and Neutral

Let there be light – let in as much natural light into our living spaces as possible.  Zen-inspired designs is also about keeping colours soft and in earthy and neutral tone such as white, shades of brown and beige, soft greys and pinks.  These colours can help to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness.  Remember that culture pop, bright and shocking colours will not sync with a ‘zen’ design and décor.


5 Easy Steps to Have ‘Zen’ in our Homes and our Lives - natural light neutral colours


3. Say NO to electronics

To have peace and calm when resting, it is best to leave all our devices and charging wires out of our rest area and especially in our bedroom.  As for our TV and entertainment system in our lounge area, we should also try to keep all wires and cables tidy in order to maintain a neat and uncluttered atmosphere.



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4. Scent sense

After a hard day’s work, we certainly don’t want to come back to a dank and musty-smelling home.  Using the aromatic diffusers or lighting scented candles can help exude the ‘feel’ and atmosphere that we want.  There are various scents that we can choose from such as lavender to induce rest and sleep or citrus or mint-based scents to perk us up.


5 Easy Steps to Have ‘Zen’ in our Homes and our Lives - scents diffusers candles


5. Bring some fresh outdoors indoors

In psychology of colours, green has a calming, soothing effect.  Potted indoor plants not only add some greenery within our homes, but they also oxygen into our homes.  To enhance the ‘zen-ness’ of our home décor, why not have a lovely bonsai tree or small terrariums around our home?


5 Easy Steps to Have ‘Zen’ in our Homes and our Lives - greenery indoor plants bonsai terrarium


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By Kitty Sani Barrett, principal consultant & trainer at ImageXchange International.  Kit believes that taking care of our personal image can help us look our best, long after we’ve passed 50!