10 Travel Tips – How To Get Free Flight Upgrade


10 Travel Tips: How To Get Free Flight Upgrade

Getting Free Flight Upgrade Is Possible...

Most people love to travel but sadly, most of us cannot afford Business or First class flights.  We certainly dread the prospect of sitting through a long-haul flight in a cramped Economy Class seat.

However, we can try to improve the situation because there are ways to obtain a premium seat on the plane without having to pay for the upgrade. If you don’t want to spend any money on flight upgrades, you’ll need a combination of skill, emotional intelligence, and a lot of luck.

"You've Been Upgraded"

Nothing beats being told at an airport terminal, “You’ve been upgraded.” Although there is nothing you can do to guarantee a free flight upgrade, there are definitely ways you can greatly increase your chances.


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The best way to get a free flight upgrade is to join the airline’s reward, air miles, or points program and be as loyal a customer to that program as possible. The second best thing you can do to increase your chances of receiving a free upgrade is to dress formally and fly alone.

How To Enjoy Comfy Air Travel On A Budget

10 Useful Tips To Increase Your Chance To Get Flight Upgrade:

  1. Look for special promotions and offers to upgrade using the points you have accumulated.
  2. If you are travelling for business, request that your company book your flight.
  3. If you frequently travel with an airline, get a credit card from them.
  4. Earn a reward voucher for a free flight upgrade.
  5. Be among the last to check in.
  6. Be courteous, personal, and cheerful.
  7. Don’t ask right away!
  8. Be flexible if you are asked to change or relocate.
  9. Be patient, as you may be upgraded just before boarding.
  10. Take the Bump when flight is oversold
Travel - how to get flight upgrade

Take the Bump when flight is oversold

Most airlines oversell flights in order to maximize profits, knowing that some passengers will always cancel or miss their flights for various reasons. If your flight is overbooked, inform the gate agent that you are willing to switch flights. You will solve the agent’s problem, and you can negotiate compensation for the next flight, i.e flight upgrade and/or access to the airline lounge while you wait.

What NOT To Do:

While trying to increase your chance to get an upgrade, under no circumstances should 

you ask a ticket counter agent for an upgrade, especially if the agent is dealing with an oversold or problematic flight.

In Summary...

Remember… a simple smile can go a long way in any situation.  If you are as nice to the check-in and gate agents (and if a flight is oversold), they may make a comment on your passenger record such as “nice passenger if you need to upgrade.”  That’s another brownie to help increase your chance of enjoying a comfy flight on your next travel.


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